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KHAZRA ( Iron Chelate Fertilizer ) - MarPar Company Products

Using Khazra Iron chelate enhances the process of photosynthesis as well as the speed of food preparation within plant leaves, and therefore plants will grow stronger and faster.

In other words, revitalization power of Khazra causes plants to produce bigger, fresher and greener leaves.

It also increases the number of sprouts and flowers, leading to rise of crop volume and speed of productivity in plants.

From the economic point of view, using Khazra is very cost effective. It increases both quantity and quality of crops, which also reaches the market faster and gets the market pulse sooner, yet the cost of using Khazra is much less than the profit gained.

It is practically observed that using Khazra Iron fertilizer makes plants more resistant to cold. For instance, the annual growing and productivity of plants continues even after beginning of usual cold season.

KHAZRA ( Iron Chelate Fertilizer ) - MarPar Company Products     KHAZRA ( Iron Chelate Fertilizer ) - MarPar Company Products

Technical Characterisics


In chemistry, chelate is a molecular complex that holds an active element and releases it in specific circumstance.

Khazra Iron chelate is made to mainly supply the crucial micro nutritive of Iron and has the ability to provide active Iron for plants in quite difficult situations.

Granular solid fertilizer of Khazra Iron chelate has a very stable and strong complex, which provides at least 9 percent soluble Iron for plants when added to soils with different PH, ranging from 3 to 11.

The strong and enduring complex of Khazra can properly maintain Iron element for plants in the most unsuitable and alkaline soils. In this aspect, Khazra is compared to the known complex of EDDHA, which practically means soil based consuming capability.

Less strong complexes that are not capable of supplying Iron in alkaline or unsuitable soils (PH>7.5), will release this element in contact with different materials inside the soil.

The released element immediately combines with other elements in a succession process so that it is not available for plants.

These weak complexes, which are compared to the known complex of EDTA, have no soil enrichment ability and can be used only by less effective methods such as spraying solutions.

Khazra contains some other micronutrient essentials elements such as Zinc, Manganese, Sodium and Sulphur. They increase the freshness and vitality of plants, which in turn increases the productivity.

KHAZRA ( Iron Chelate Fertilizer ) - MarPar Company Products KHAZRA ( Iron Chelate Fertilizer ) - MarPar Company Products KHAZRA ( Iron Chelate Fertilizer ) - MarPar Company Products KHAZRA ( Iron Chelate Fertilizer ) - MarPar Company Products

How to use :


As you know, the most effective method of using fertilizers containing micronutrient elements such as Iron, Zinc, Manganese, etc. is through soil.

The main advantage of this method is the gradual and effective consumption from root to all plant organs, which increases the effectiveness of Khazra ingredients in time.

•  The best way to use Khazra Iron chelate is by pouring it under a thin layer of soil before watering. It is recommended to pour the needed amount around the base of plant in several spots or in a circular shape where water comes to irrigate the plant.

This is important where light soil or bulk watering allows the Iron fertilizer solution to go deeper than the root before the whole dosage is absorbed.

•  One may also dissolve Khazra Iron chelate in the irrigation water. This approach is preferred where there are lots of plants and previous method consumes more time and cost.

•  You may spray the Khazra solution in a proportion of one in thousand (one gram of Khazra granules in one liter of water) over the leaves of plants as much as needed.

This is not the preferred method, due to the effects of light on iron chelate degradation, partial absorption and waste of substance through spraying.

KHAZRA ( Iron Chelate Fertilizer ) - MarPar Company Products   KHAZRA ( Iron Chelate Fertilizer ) - MarPar Company Products

Time of usage


Using Khazra is always helpful for plants growth, but the best time is the beginning of growing period (like spring for fruit trees) or shortly after plants emerge.

Using Khazra a while before fruition increases the amount and quality of crop.


Usage advices


•  The amount of Khazra usage depends on the type of soil, degree of iron deficiency and size of plants. A larger amount is required for heavy soils compared to light ones.

•  Khazra can be used in drop irrigation systems along with  other dry or liquid fertilizers through the soil.

•  Do not mix Khazra fertilizer with agricultural chemicals containing heavy metals like copper.

•  To take the best advantage of Khazra, use it after providing N P K elements