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1. a passport or official travel document (signed by itís holder) accepted by the
Schengen countries which is
valid for at least three months longer than the validity
of the visa
, with at least 1 empty visa page. Please attach your expired passport as
2. one
application form duly completed and signed by the applicant with one
passport size photograph.
3. proof establishing the
purpose of your trip, for example a letter of invitation by
your inviter (better if certified by public notary or the Immigration Office -BAH-), a
valid hotel reservation with the hotelís confirmation number
on your name(!),
exact address and telephone number of the accommodation.
4. evidence of
sufficient funds to cover the cost of your intended stay (e.g. Your
bank statement in english, or the declaration of another person that (s)he is willing
to cover your cost along with his/her bank statement) all certified by the bank.
5. if you are employed, a
letter from your employer (in english, stamped and
signed by your manager) in which the employer declares that you are working
there (including the exact date of the start of your employment, position and
monthly salary).
6. if you are self-employed,
proof of registration of your company and a copy of
your company's
membership to a chamber of commerce. Other business
references may be required.
7. if you are a student, please submit a
letter from your school (in english), college
or university confirming that you are studying there (including faculty and date of
title deed (ownership of property).
booking reference number and itinerary of your flight.
10.valid (for the whole Schengen area for the duration of your trip)
. If the requested visa is for multiple entries, logically the insurance
shall only cover the upcoming trip in terms of duration.
11.information on
family status (Iranian ID) including name, date of birth of spouse
and child(ren). Copy of
birth certificate (Iranian ID), motherís name.
12. Pay 90$ about embassy coasts. (this pay not giveback)
13. Passenger should pay 10.000$ cash or 10.000$ banking check guaranty to us. (when passenger comeback from trip this money or check giveback)  
concerning minors:

written consent from the parent who doesnít travel
or custodian if
letter of the school (if applicable) that absence is permitted for the
period of the intended trip.

Depending on the circumstances of your application, you may be required to produce
further documentation. It is essential to apply for a visa well in advance of your trip,
as it may take some time (app. 21 days) to process an application.

Download Application Form and Print it.

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